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"I want to be buried in my mirrored bikini"

Colette Steinle-Murer and her Magic Dancers are an integral part of the street parade. How they want to fuel their sexy dance style and why their mirror costume even made a splash at the Playboy Mansion.

They return to Zurich especially for the street parade. How many times have you been?
I've been coming for over ten years. Always on a Lovemobile. I've been in show business for 20 years. If you've got such passion for dancing, then you live for it. This year, we'll be performing on the Friends of Street parade car. Carl Cox will be manning the turntables. He's an absolutely fantastic DJ. I love his groove and I'm really looking forward to performing with him. That's exactly the sound I need to give my all and perform with total energy. That way, the audience feels the spark, too.

How's that connection made?
It's not enough to be on stage and just look beautiful. Looking good is part of it, no doubt, but you also have to respond to the people who are watching. I make eye contact with them, throw them a rose, laugh to, with them. This creates a connection between artist and audience. This is very important and is well received. And people give a lot back to me, too. Some already know me and then call to me while I'm dancing: "Hey, Colette, do it!" or call out "magic!". This is indescribable.

And of course, certainly, the outfit is also part of it all. Your mirror bikinis have caused a sensation!
Yes, that was the first street parade we attended. The people have come to expect it so much that we've worn the costumes again later in other variations. In the meantime it's become our trademark. I also wore the mirror bikini here in LA at a pajama party at the Playboy Mansion. People were freaking out. It actually drew more attention than all the suspenders and lingerie. Once, in the street parade, we were actually even told that we were dressed too sexy. Anybody that wears too little will usually be considered a bit too scandalous. But our costumes are aesthetic and never cheap.

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About me:  Colette Murer

  • Eidg. Dipl. University sports teacher ETH Zurich


  •  12 years classical ballet


  • div. experience in various dance groups in Switzerland.


  • Sports teacher at the vocational school for retail trade Zurich.

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